Thursday, May 30, 2013


Fairies, these illusive little pixies enchant us. They are magical and as such inspire children to tell endless stories about the places the they live, the powers they possess, the food they eat and the bold adventures they pursue.
Fairies dance, sprinkle fairy dust, conquer their adversaries and bestow gifts to those who are deserving.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tree Blocks

The Train
When children begin constructing, do they have intention and if so do teachers direct and divert the children's work with questions such as:

~What are you making?
~ What are you doing?

Or by making comments such as ~This looks like a bus (when it really isn't). This type of labeling limits the children's work.

We find it most helpful to make comments and ask questions that invite discussions.

~You look very busy, tell me what's happening?
~Will you be adding more tree blocks?
~Would you like me to get you some loose materials?

In this episode the girls told us they were making a train.One long enough to hold two passengers.

~I see that you left spaces  in between the blocks. What are they for?

 ~What else will you be adding to your train?

~The space is for the seats and we will add the steering wheels!

 ~Will you be travelling far away today?

And so the discussion continues....