Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Learn One New Thing Each Day!

People, especially teachers, should wake up each day charged with the desire to learn or experience new things.
This keeps life interesting and helps us to become the best version of ourselves.
When we stop seeking, inquiring, researching and reinventing our perspectives, we grow old, dull and complacent.
Complacency is a teacher's downfall. Days, months and years of repeating the same experiences, rolling aimlessly from one day to the next and never finding joy in the moment makes a dreary classroom.
We see this in the teachers who flutter from one job to the next. They are the lifeless, the disengaged, seeking environmental change to motivate them.
The truth is that these grasshoppers lack internal commitment to their craft.
Children are children and the work is the work  no matter where you hang your hat.
It's astonishing to see how many "teachers" lack the ability to form meaningful relationships. This is a core flaw, not in teaching skills, but in a person's foundation.
Without relationships there is no meaningful exchange between teachers and children.
These types of educators bring little to their classrooms; they do not seek new knowledge or experiences. They are doldrums. 

There is a simple recipe to to making "Teacher Pie"
Mix a dash of anticipation for each new day.
Throw in a cup full of excitement.
A pinch of attention to detail.
A sprinkling of inquiry.
A heaping tablespoon of care.

Bake at high heat for a lifetime of learning and inspiration.

Happy Harvest Everyone!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Harvest and Beautiful Spaces