Sunday, July 29, 2018

Leave Behind the Best Part of Yourself

I’m often conflicted about finding the best way to “train” teachers or at best to inspire them. I use the word train loosely because after all can someone be trained to think in a Reggio inspired mindset?
 When teachers are surrounded by rich environments full of loose parts, endless art supplies, STEM materials, ramping equipment and past work for reflection, yet still find nothing to do, then I concede that the cause is lost!
At the end of the day, inspiration, motivation and a desire to leave your students and school the best part of yourself has to be intrinsic. No one can inspire an unmotivated person, no matter how much they are prodded or pushed. This is not a teacher skill but a life skill; to push to new levels, to maximise talents and dispositons, to want to be the best version of who you can be.
The teachers who master this are the ones that are remembered by their students long after the facts fade: the teachers who make everyday worthwhile, who are as much learners as they are educators.