Friday, November 25, 2016

Let it Snow!

The first snowfall is always the most exciting.
Loose parts combined with a splash of light.
Simply beautiful!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Embrace Change

I've just returned from London England and as I often do when I venture into the world to explore new cities and cultures, I can't help but stop to reflect on our educational practices in comparison to our European colleagues.
As I meandered through the streets of London and into the many beautiful parks, countless museums and cathedrals, I couldn't help but feel a little envious of the richness of learning possibles that exist in this beautiful city.
Imagine children sitting in the National Museum sketching artifacts, and children running through parks filled with monumental tributes to past Kings.
My mind was racing with the what ifs for new projects and experiences.
I was again reminded that we can not bring home that which does not belong to us but we certainly can learn from it.
Before leaving on my trip I ran across several articles that more or less held the attitude of 
"not caring about the Reggio Approach" because it has nothing to do with our context.
It's a powerful statement to make because we must be mindful in remembering that the discovery of this treasure sparked a wave of change in education.

Had I never encountered this unique system, I may never have reached the deep level of understanding that I have for the culture of childhood, nor would I ever have been able to propel my schools to reach the level of richness they now enjoy.
I am Reggio inspired however I am first and foremost a direct result of the many years of hard work, research, relationships and experiences that I have had both as a teacher and a person.

So whether you follow a philosophy or have your own perspective, the one common consideration is that dedication and hard work bring great rewards. Educators are limited only by an unwillingness to educate themselves and their acceptance of the status quo.
As a leader I can accept effort but  not complacency.
So I say be fearless, make mistakes each one will open a new door and take you in new directions that give you a better understanding.
Expand your mind, read books and articles. Record your journey so that others may learn from it.
At the end of your story you may have been launched by what the world calls Reggio or other philosophies but the road you traveled and lived will be your own. 
Nothing in life is certain except change.
So embrace it!