Friday, September 2, 2016

The Wedding Cake

Children have ears on everything so be mindful of what you say when you are in a classroom.
Although sometimes wonderful things may happen.

Several weeks ago this group of girls waited for me to arrive at school to share this surprise with me.

My cell phone rang, 
"Come downstairs, the children have something to show you," the teacher said.
These types of calls are frequent and never ignored or put on hold until later.
"I'm on way!"
Four little girls waited anxiously at the foot of the staircase for me.
They pulled me into the room.
"Look what we made. It's a wedding cake for Matthew and Mia!"
Matthew is my son who is getting married next September.
"How did you know he was getting married," 
I asked certain that I had not yet shared the news with the children.
"I heard you talking about it when we were having lunch last time," replied Olivia.
Needless to say I was moved by their thoughtfulness.

The photos below speak to the amount of attention given to detail, the patience in execution and the intentional patterns used.