Friday, March 22, 2019

The Liminal Space-The Great In Between

What is the Liminal Space?
"The Latin word for threshold. A time between the what was and the what's next. A place of transition, waiting and not knowing. That moment right before you are about to take the plunge, next step and make a decision. It is an important space filled with choice and great power

It is where all transformation takes place.

This is where children exist, in the Liminal Space as they are in a state of constant transformation; between the familiar and the unknown, a place where old beliefs are challenged and new ones are formed.

A space where there is no fear to move forward. As adults, fear is our greatest inhibitor. It holds us back because we have a need to know all outcomes.
Children do not have these limitations because their life experiences have not left them jaded and afraid. They have no need to control outcome so they plunge in new directions without fear and limitations imposed by fear of choice.

Childhood is a time of great joy and discovery.
By their very nature, children are inquisitive, eager to know more, they test their limits and seek answers. They are constantly making choices.

 The only way to move forward and break boundaries is to exist in the Liminal Space. 

Children are constantly making connections, most times subconsciously between what was, what happened and where to go next. I'm not referring to the choices they make knowing what consequences will follow, such as acceptable behavious.

 Instead I'm referring to the plunge into exploring, delving, seeking, questing and adventuring.