Friday, September 8, 2023

Still Here!

Dear Gentle Readers :)

Thank you for your concern with my absence from posting on this blog. Believe me it's not from a lack of wanting but rather from trying to etch out a few minutes to devote myself to sharing my thoughts.

My mother used to tell me that the older you get the faster time moves. She was right. The days buzz by so quickly I often forget to eat or pause for a cup of coffee.

Life with the children at Reggio Kids is a whirlwind. Every day brings new experiences as they continue to amaze us with their competencies. 

My last post was about my grandson-sadly our time together at Reggio Kids is at an end as he moves on to Junior Kindergarten-a large adjustment for us both. Two peas in a pod is what we have been for almost four year.

I release him into the larger community in hopes that the next phase of his life journey will bring him great joy, adventure, friendships and an incredible school life.

As for Reggio Kids, what's next?

I continue my never ending quest for new way of engaging the hundred languages of children-searching for new equipment, loose parts to add to our studio and classrooms, creating deeper meaning in our daily work and focusing most of all on our relationships with the children and each other. This is what fuels all that we do.

I wish you all an incredible school year!