Saturday, October 13, 2018

Let us Wonder Together

This week I found myself redesiging the JK-Sk classroom. While I was in the room, I kept my ears on the children's conversations and my eyes on their experiences. As I often do, I was listening for possiblities to move in new directions.
I glanced over at few children who were erecting a structure in front of the projection screen. There was no conversation between them as they were focused on their task. I couldn't help but marvel at the shadows that were being cast. In fact, even Oliver's glasses were distinguishable on the screen.
I made my way over to them.
"Your shadows are amazing!"
The children looked at me as if to say, "Would they be anything short of amazing?"
Then, I posed a question.
"Do your shadows do the same work as you?"
They did not respond to my question. Instead they turned to the screen to reflect on their shadows.
They moved their arms up and down and jumped.
Oliver turned to me and said,
"They do the same as we do!"
I questioned him about the size of his shadow in comparison to his actual size.
He looked at the shadow and thought about my question.
However, he did not respond.
I knew this would be a point to return to once I prepared the documentation.  I would address the question when he could reflect on the photo.
The next day, I printed a poster sized print of this picture and presented it to the class.
I told the children why I'd taken the photo and I also mentioned the intial question I had asked Oliver and his classmates.
"Do our shadows do the same work as we do?"
The children assured me that they do.
I then asked a few other questions.

"Do our shadows wait for us when we wake up in the morning?
Are they always with us?
Can we always see them and if not are they still there?

Once the group dispersed, I asked Oliver to reflect on the photo to see if he could answer my previous question.
"Why does your shadow seem larger than you?"
He looked at me with a question in his eyes.

And so we begin a new journey of wondering together.