Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sometimes a Voice is Added When the Work is Done

We often wonder what children think when they begin to assemble these types of "structures". I use that word for lack of a better one. I've come to know that children don't always have a plan and many, if not most times, things happen serendipitously. These types of experiences are full of leaning opportunities. As teachers we should always be observing, listening and when the moment is right, engaging. This clever group of three year old children began this structure with no particular design in mind. The teacher perhaps did have a thought in placing the materials in use close to the window. The sunlight was her accomplice!
As the light beamed through the window and through the translucent materials colorful shadows were cast onto the floor. 
The children noticed the colors and 
 dubbed their structure,  "The Rainbow Tower!"  

Alonso, "The sun made the rainbow."
Phoebe pointed to her tower, “This is a rainbow tower because it has lots of colors like the rainbow”.
Johnny responded, “There was a rainbow in my backyard and after it rained the rainbow came through the sky”.
The Teacher asked, "How many colors does the rainbow have?"
Johnny answered, "There are five. Look at my hand, I have five fingers so there are five colors in the rainbow. We can check on the internet." (a frequently used tool in the classroom)
After researching Johnny concluded that there are seven colors in a rainbow.