Thursday, March 1, 2018

Attraversiamo-Crossing Over

 The Italian word, Attraversiamo, crossing over, pacts quite a punch when it is applied to the art of teaching.
The time has come for educators to consider crossing the bridge that holds, on one side, the traditional practices of educating and on other the new world of engaging in a learning journey with children.
The walk across may be challenging.
Let us consider that as you cross you will encounter wind, rain and slippery conditions. These forces impede your crossing. Similarly the conventional mindsets of teaching will press on you to keep your traditional roles as the rulers of your classrooms.
Relinquishing what is familiar is difficult. 
Most people don't like change especially when everything seems to be working fine.

So why do it?

We do it because children deserve the best of us.
If this is not why you chose to be a teacher then you are in the wrong profession.
A teacher is foremost a learner, even after she earns her degree.
Read the Hundred Languages of Children to nudge you across that bridge.
You won't be sorry.

Cross over to a way of thinking about education that is in line with a new world.
Be the teacher that every child hopes for when they assigned to a new class at the beginning of a school year.
Host the classroom that gives each child a voice.
Showcase bulletin boards that are full of children's experiences, highlighting individual and group thinking and not reproduced copies of ducks.
Think of your students as rich in potential, capable, and worthy of respect.
Give your students a voice instead of shushing them at every turn, allow laughter and joy into your classrooms.
This is your starting point.
Attraverso (cross) and I will meet you on the other side!
I invite you to come for a visit and witness a new way of being with children!