Friday, August 3, 2018

The Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom

There is much to be considered when we look at the possibilities of what can happen when the classroom is brought outside and loose parts are provided.
Beyond the traditional structures that limit children to climbing and sliding, loose parts can spur children to new levels of thinking and engaging.
Instead of accepting what is being offered by stagnant structures, children are prompted to create their own structures, contraptions, and expressions of creativity.
Given the span of a child’s imagination the possibilities are endless.
The teacher’s role is to facilitate and lend support when materials are offered.
Preparing provocations is always a good idea.
The outdoor classroom is directly linked to continued experiences and projects that take place indoors.

In the hands of young children,
a set of tubes become a vehicle, tree cookies transform into a train, while another child uses them to make her family.

Combined materials transform into school buses, cars and lemonade stands.

Children discourse, argue design, negotiate possibilities and support one another.