Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Next Day

We returned to our loose part studio the next day to continue our work on the story,
The Giving Tree. The girls decided they wanted to make a life size representation of the tree. They selected materials that were made of wood keeping in line with our original provocation of using only gifts offered by trees.
When they finished the tree, they turned their attention to making the boy. They agreed that he would have to be large enough to fit under the tree.
It was interesting that Hannah drew a heart on his shirt.
~Why did you place the heart there. He doesn't have one in the book?
Hannah~I put it there because he should learn to have a heart. That way he can be happy for all the gifts the tree gave him and love the tree. Then he won't be selfish!
Venus~That's right because the tree sacrificed herself for him.
When the tree was done and the boy was placed beneath her branches, I asked the girls if we were done our work or did they want to continue on.
They told  me they were done. And so we ended the experience. 
As their teacher was I content with the outcome?
Most certainly I was. We had spend two days together discussing the value of the gifts offered by nature. We read a loving story and engaged in the use of loose parts. That all afforded me insight into their level of thinking and understanding.
A few days well spent!