Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What does the Child See?

There is much to consider even in the smallest of experiences we provide to provoke the interest of the children. Watch through the eyes of the child as the images on the outside of the tube begin to expand and bend. Does he consider that they are distorted by the properties of the tube itself?


  1. Infant like to explore holes, they love to put the tube onto their mouth to make sound, they love to put their finger into the hole of diapers closet's door then open the door to take out the things from the closet, these are what I observed from our infant room.This example inspired me to plan my activities for infant.

  2. This enrich environment provides this baby's neurons in the visual cortex to grow longer and connect to become synapses , the synapses are growing up and pruning, then his brain is growing healthy.