Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter is Black & White

It has been a drab and snowy winter in Ontario. If we're not in a deep freeze then we're buried in snow.  Most days the sun hides behind behind the clouds reluctant to poke its head out and offer us a reprieve.  So it's no wonder that this child, when asked what winter is like replied, "Winter is black and white and sometimes grey!"
Charcoal on white paper are the perfect tools to capture the dreary winter scenery!


  1. When I look at the work that this 3 year old is producing I have to commend the great work of the teachers,there enthusiasm and motivation to inspire this child is breathtaking.

  2. A great insight into the true meaning of what winter means to this child. It is one thing to teach a child meaning to something through a book or definition that is memorized from a dictionary, but to see a child come up with their own definition and to support it by encouraging them to expand on their own theories allows for them to learn in their own unique ways.