Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just as Beautiful as Me!

"How big am I?" Jocelyn wonders.
How can the teacher help her to answer this question?  Does she want to know her size in comparison to a classmates or in comparison to an object? Most likely she is asking about her size in comparison to a classmates since children often engage in discussions about "who's the biggest."
The teacher invites Jocelyn to offer suggestions on how they can answer her question. She opts to outline her body using loose materials. This requires the assistance of a few classmateses. The girls begin their work and Jocelyn's body is outlined. But the experience takes on a new direction as the children forget the initial question and become more interested in designing bodies to best reflect clothing and facial features.  So what started out as a question about size turned into an experience in patterns and colors.
Does it matter that the initial question was lost.
Absolutely not!

One child's thoughts or questions will always lead in many directions.

This will be my last post until the end of July as I will be in Europe. I look foward to my return and the continued exchange of ideas. Many blessing on you all. Be well!


  1. I have only seen this activity done in which adults and sometimes children outline the child while laying on a piece of paper. The is so refreshing, beautiful and ephemeral.

    Have a good trip. Bien viaje, bon voyage, and jo utazas!

  2. This is just all kinds of wonderful - thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Absolutely love it!!!

  4. This is WONDERFUL, Tiziana!! And of course, the photos make it 100 times more wonderful. Thank you for sharing the experience and the idea. I am sharing it with every teacher and parent of young ones I know. Enjoy your "time off" (but hurry back - I've only just discovered you and I will look forward to more!).
    Warmly, Kathy

  5. Hi Tiziana
    Looking forward to my Seneca visit. Playing with our Bodies and loose materials, magnifico!

  6. Such a great activity, it's amazing how one theory can branch out to another and it really shows the power of discussion among the teacher and classmates. Their is so much value in this. The children are not only in search of what size they are in comparison to another. They are also creating a representaion of themselves.~Sabrina