Friday, September 23, 2011

What is that Sound?

We are surrounded by sounds; music, the wind as it moves through objects, the crunching of autumn leaves, the buzzing of a bee. Most times we are too busy to pay attention. But every once in a while a child stops to listen and then we listen too. Just as a seashell holds the sound of the crashing ocean waves so too do these tubes carry sounds of nature to the ears of listening children.
Austin brings the tube to his ear and listens, "I hear the ocean!"
Joshua takes the tube and listens as well. "No, it's a bee. A bee from the flower."
Joseph and Joshua  position the tube between them and lift. Joshua places the tube close to his ear and Joseph makes a sound.
Joshua then leaves the tube and moves to the zucchini plant in the garden. He leans close to the zucchini flower and  listens for a sound but hears nothing.
He retrieves the tube and places in near the zucchini. Perhaps that will help him hear a sound. He listens. "I hear the bees!"


  1. I love how they have used these tubs in such a great way...For us they are just plane cardboard tubes but for them its a way to communicate with mother nature.

  2. The children can hear the beauty of nature, the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the wind blowing.~Sabrina