Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remember and Be Grateful

We wear poppies to remind us that the soldiers went to war and died. In the war there are two kinds of soldiers; the good one and the bad ones. Luckily the good one won and the bad ones are lying on the ground. Noah

What is remembrance day?
“We remember our soldiers who died in the war. Canadian soldiers were fighting the bad guys who attacked the good people. They protected them and kept them safe. We wear a poppy to honour and remember our soldiers. “ – Henry


  1. Its great to see that even at this young age children are participating and getting a sense. For the spirit of of what Remembrance day means. If each generation can pass this on to the next in a meaningful way, there may never need to be new conflicts to remember.

    I love the Play-do figures they are amazing.

  2. Thank you David. Too often we take for granted the wonderful quality of life we enjoy. We must share this with our children so they can always be grateful!

  3. Great activity! the children are learning about the war and the meaning of the poppy. When they will see it, they will know and want to wear it, in honour of the soliders that have sacrificed their lives. They are learning about history and using clay sculptures to bring it to life.History can be fun afterall.~Sabrina