Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embedded in the Wings of A Butterfly What did We See?

A chance encounter with a monarch butterfly led to the making of this exceptional mosaic.
As the children looked at the wing span of the butterfly they thought they saw a human face. Was that the case? At the same time new loose materials arrived at the school and the teachers asked the children if they would like to design their own "human face" butterfly using some of the intriguing materials.  How would they design it? Suggestions were made to use google image to find the ideal model. Although the first recommendation from the teacher was for the children  to make their own drawings they were far too excited when they discovered this exceptional image.

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  1. The extraordinary classroom has such exceptional talented children, because their teachers create a best environment for the children, they allow them reorganize concepts, ideas, thoughts and theories to construct new meaning.

  2. What a beautiful mosaic image that they made!! I
    am so surprise the exceptional talent that the children had. And i also can find out the wonderful world form these children's imagination.

  3. Seeing how focused and careful the children are when creating this butterfly is beautiful to see and it also allows the teacher to feel confident that her students are enjoying what they are creating.

  4. This project not only turned out beautiful, but the true beauty lies in the notion that the children were able to construct their own theories of what an actual monarch butterfly looks like. Together, with their experience of seeing a monarch butterfly and their vivid imaginations of what they feel they actually saw on its wings, they were able to create their own vision of a butterfly. The final outcome represents the uniqueness of the children’s imaginations.