Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Sturdy is this Bridge?

The bridge is one of the children's favorite places to visit. They are constantly finding new ways to explore and interesting theories to construct. The children know that the bridge allows them to get from one side of the stream to the other but just how does it support their weight?

They had some thinking to do and some bridges to make.

The first bridge was made using Popsicle sticks and dowels. It was able to support a bucket of rocks and small bricks as well as the weight of one child

How did it happen?


  1. This is recontructive thinking, from the popsicle to the bridge, from weighing the objects to the human, it is amazing,this is teacher'role of scaffolder to be.

  2. Wow look at those future architects! University students are doing projects such as these!

  3. Can you share the plan you used to construct this bridge with students?