Monday, October 1, 2012

Facial Expression-The Master of Communication

The amount of information that can be conveyed with simple facial expression is extraordinary; a smile, grimace, twitch of the eye, puckering of the lips goes a long way in letting others knows how we are feeling. Verily facial expressions are a universal form of communication. In particular, the eyes, often referred to as the “windows to the soul” are the masters of the human face.

This is especially true of infants and toddlers who have  limited use of words to communicate how they are feeling about particular events and experiences. As such, teachers must be avid observers, finely tuned to the emotions of the children in their care.


  1. So true! We learn so much from children by observing body language and facial expressions! :)

  2. The child is so cute! haha. We can really learn a lot from them. Oh by the way, people can also take online masters in communication if they want!

  3. Absolutely! This child looks intrigued and interested in the exploration of clay. Its amazing how just a few pictures capture his positive experience. I love observing children during these fine moments.