Monday, December 3, 2012

Natural Disasters -How Much do we tell our Children?

Tsunamis. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, these are just of a few of the natural disasters children hear about.
We often wonder how much information we should share with children, especially JK and SK students, when it comes to the elements. Our first instinct is to shelter them and keep the issues at bay. But the truth is that children are intuitive. The radio in the car, the news on TV, the newspapers and magazines on display, are all sensory input. Children see and listen a lot more than we think and they need to dialogue about this. We should allow them to share their theories, express concerns, and converse with peers.
We find that focusing on how to help victims of natural disasters empowers children.
A bake sale, collecting a jar of coins, food drive, care packages are just a few of the suggestions and contributions the children have made over the last few years.

Mia draws the city as the winds of Hurricane Sandy swirl .

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