Friday, April 5, 2013

Let them Draw!

We know that children move through many stages of drawing from scribbling to representational drawings that demonstrate theories, thoughts, fears, dream, ideas, concepts. In fact children are extremely proficient drawers. 
The question is, can we assist them to move through the various stages? Or do they have to stay in that stage until they are READY?
What exactly does ready mean?
Drawing Number 1
Child draws a representation of herself.
Drawing Number 2

The teacher prompts her to take a closer look at herself in the mirror.
Look in the mirror. What shape are your eyes.
What about your nose and mouth, your hair, what shape are they? Are they close together?
Let's think about your body.
Are your arms  that thin are are they thicker?
The child then considers the discussion and makes changes to her drawing (2).
The next day the teacher wonders if the child will revert to her first form of drawing or will she continue to draw using the newer skill set.

This is the drawing she did the next day. 
Drawing Number 3

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