Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teaching is a Leap Of Faith

Teaching is a leap of faith, especially when we work with the youngest of children, who rarely even remember us.
So what is our gain because isn't it a truth that we all like to see results, both long term and short?
Is it enough to for us to know that if we give the children the best of ourselves as teachers and people we will leave a small imprint?
I think that elementary school teachers, and more so private school teachers, who sometimes have the children from kindergarten to grade twelve are so fortunate. Imagine the wonderful journey they share as they watch the children grow not only as students but also as citizens of the world.
So I offer this.
Never let a day go where you don't appreciate your students.
Respect them.
Cherish the memories you create together for even if you are not remembered by the mind, you will be remembered by the soul.
Laugh often, give freely, find the child inside yourself.
Be kind.
Never come empty handed instead fill your arms with incredible resources.
Know each child, they are all different and cannot be crowded under the umbrella of just being
Not every day will be a perfect day most often they will be fraught with the ordinary. Even in the ordinary amazing things happen.
Share your ideas, knowledge, resources, and thoughts, with other teachers. Teaching is not a race to the finish line, nor a competition for recognition. Teachers transform the world. Remember, it is in this sharing that we create the storm of change.
Have an extraordinary day!


  1. What a wonderful post! We're going to share it with the teaching staff at Growing Seeds!

  2. A beautiful and inspirational post!! Yes, the child will grow and their memory of us will fade.....we however, will not forget. A definite read for all teachers alike.