Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet Taylor!

We proudly introduce our newest book, Taylor Please Stop Talking, available on
PRLog (Press Release) - Aug. 12, 2013 - ONTARIO, Canada
 Taylor loved to talk. From the minute she woke up until the time she went to bed, she had something to say. She told adventure stories and school yard stories, bus ride stories and supermarket stories. She invented fantasy stories, ghost stories, and dragon stories.

And everything would have been fine if suddenly and unimaginably, everyone hadn't begged her, implored her, beseeched her to please stop talking. And so she did.

But having gotten what they wished for, her family, classmates, friends, and especially her Grandpa missed the magic of Taylor’s never-ending commentary on life. In a moment of quiet sadness, Taylor’s Grandpa is able to break her silence by imparting a bit of wisdom that restores Taylor’s voice and her faith in
herself. What could he have possibly said?

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