Friday, December 19, 2014

Apathy, It is a Teachers Greatest Downfall!


It is a teachers greatest downfall and greatest road block.

To merely accept that each day is like the one before; to go through the motions of teaching, yet never be engaged; to come to the classroom with no passion; to simply look at children but not know them; to find no joy; to refuse to learn new things; to never see the possibilities of what can be if you truly are vested in your craft.
This is apathy; the criminal that robs, not only you, but more importantly your students of the opportunity to live in a classroom that promises to support them in their journey of learning.

It is easy to take the easy road!
To repeat the same lesson plans, to live each day in your classroom like the one before.

But if you dare to break the mold of apathy, to set yourself free of this draining monster, then you will be on the path of discovering the true nature of being a teacher.

Here is a simple plan to assist you in your new journey;

Write your definition of the word teacher.
Then, be honest with yourself and write down why you chose to be a teacher.
If your answer was anything other than (because I am passionate about sharing the journey of learning with my students, then go no further and find a new career).

However, if your answer is based on passion then you are ready for a new commitment.

Write a children and teachers bill of rights; what are your obligations to your students? What is your role and what do you hope to gain from your craft?

Find as many books, blogs, workshops and conferences as you can on The Reggio Approach, Inquiry Based Learning; read, contribute and attend.

Make mistakes, take risks, be fearless. What's the worst that can happen? Isn't it better than being apathetic?

Does your classroom environment support what you are learning about this new way of teaching; reinvent it; take it apart; build it up; tear it apart; repeat this process time and time again. Your classroom is a living entity that must evolve and change.

Have a camera and notepad holstered to your hip; learning happens in every moment.
Be present with your students; listen, watch, observe, discuss, invest.


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