Friday, May 20, 2016

The Community

What is Community?

This year's JK-Sk class spent the first part of the school year exploring the concept of community and all it entails.  Community has always been part of our school life.
More that just a place to live it is a place of people, voices, shared space, rituals and customs. Coming form the Latin term  meaning "with gifts" the term suggests a general sense of humanity, reciprocity and a shared practice of doing good for others that comes from working together for a joint purpose.

Communities help generate a shared language,
rituals and customs, and a collective memory of those that join the group.

If we give credence to the old African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child” then we can
understand the impact that community has in
helping us raise our children.

Children need more that just supportive parents. As they branch outside the home they require a larger support network to grow into healthy citizens.

It is a child’s right to expect the community to provide them safe neighbourhoods, adults who are good role models and dedicated teachers and politicians who keep children's rights at the forefront.
When children feel a connectivity to their
community they are more apt to develop a sense of civic and social responsibility. They build trust, learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and have a genuine sense of caring for others.

Here is a peek at some of the children's work. The entire project is too long to post so we welcome questions.

 What is community.
~There are lots of houses and tall buildings.
~A community is a place where you walk to.
~There are streets.
There are apartments.

The Places in Our Community

Our Customs and Rituals

Community Celebrations

Global Responsibility 

What we bring to the Community


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring exploration! The children in your class are so fortunate to have such thoughtful teachers!

  2. I absolutely love this article but also I must know how to get some of those beautiful blocks!

  3. Hi Maggie the blocks are from Louise Kool & Galt.