Monday, October 3, 2016

Are Artists Born or Made?

Is the ability to draw, paint and sculpt innate or learned?
That's the question we are continually asking ourselves as we see exceptional pieces of work coming from the children.
How do they go from scribbling to pieces of work like the one in this post?
We have witnessed children with parents or grandparents who are artists draw well beyond what is expected of their age. 
Is it then assumed that the talent is inherited?
On the other hand, we have witnessed children with no artistic talent in the family produce equally exceptional work.
There are those who say anyone can be an artist, they simply need passion.
Perhaps with instruction, practice and perseverance this might be true.

There is no doubt that some people are born with a natural inclination toward artistry. However no one is born knowing how to paint or sculpt without instruction. Just as a pianist is not born knowing how to play the piano.
It is from this perspective that we changed our thinking many years ago and moved from the idea that no instruction was necessary for children when we consider the nature of art.
However, they must first go through the stages of experimentation and development. This cannot be rushed. The key is knowing when the time is right to move to new levels of working.

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