Sunday, November 5, 2023

Where Have they All Gone

 I was out for a hike with my sister yesterday in Cookstown just north of Newmarket. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, lawns were covered in the last of the Autumn leaves-everything was a perfect shade of yellow.  

As we walked, we passed many parks with complete play structures, lots of open spaces to run and play all surrounded by the wonder of nature. Sadly, there was not a child in sight. Not at the parks, not on the sidewalks, not on the lawns of homes. Not a single child for the whole three hours that we walked.

This is not an isolated observation, I see it near my home, by the daycare, just about everywhere I go.

Where have all the children gone? It seems apocalyptic.

I was born in 1960. We were street children. We played outside until we heard our father's whistle for us to come home and that was well past sunset. We were exhausted, filthy, hungry but oh so very happy.

We had no electronics, no I pads, no computers, no cell phones and very little TV time. 

We played street games, tag, freeze tag, skipping rope, hide and seek, war ......

There was no time to be bored. We built forts, snowmen, and had picnics. On the weekends our parents packed us into the station wagon with the coolers and portable BBQ in tow and off we went to the local parks to meet family and friends.

Later on my dad bought a cottage and that was another place to adventure.

My late brother enjoyed it most, boating, fishing, jumping off the peer....

We were children embracing the wonders of childhood and play.

So I have to ask the parents of today, where are you children? If not outside exploring the wonders, then where?

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  1. I have the same feelings and thoughts. The way the children entertained now, it worries me a lot. Electronic products have a profound impact on them. They couldn’t pay attention to the other thing in reality. When I see the kids just staying home while the sun is shining outside, I feel like it's a waste of the beautiful weather. Just walking or running outside, looking at the sky, trees, and even local caterpillars, it is such a happy and beautiful moment to be immersed in nature. When I told them this and asked them to go outdoors, they told me it was just my idea and that they weren’t.
    I know that times and the general environment have changed. The children's entertainment methods has changed too. I’m sad about this and really miss our childhood entertainments.