Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bird's Nest by Robert age 3.5 years

Early Childhood Educators are taught to believe that children should explore art materials freely; leaving them to discover the how to on thier own. At Reggio Kids experience has shown us a new way to work with artist forms and children.

As with all crafts, lessons in basics must be learned in order to achieve desired result; the size of the paint brush, the type of stroke, the properties of the paint, techniques for achieving texture. These are but a few of the areas that children explore with their teachers.

In this attached painting, Robert a three and a half year old, painted a representation of a bird's nest that sits in his classroom; a treasure discovered by the children on a morning walk.
Paintings of this calibre continue to fill our schools as the children hone their skills.

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  1. The possibilities are endless, what a beautiful painting.