Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marco and the Rocks

The natural world priovides children with many serendipitous opportunities for learning. In this experience Marco was able to explore the terms heavy, light, big and small.

During our afternoon walk Marco noticed a large rock on the ground.
Marco- I want to pick it up. Marco walked over to the rock bent down and tried to pick it up.
Marco- I can’t pick it up it’s too heavy, but I want the rock.
Rosa- So what do you want to do?
Marco- I want to try again.
So Marco bent down to try again.
Marco- I can’t Mrs. Rosa it’s too heavy.
On the way back to school he noticed a smaller rock so he bent down to pick it up.
Marco- I have a small rock, this one is easy to pick up.
Rosa- Why is it easy?
Marco- Because this one is a tiny rock.
We returned to school and Marco noticed lots of rocks in front of the school.
Marco- I want to pick up that rock (pointing to the rocks that were lining the flower garden)
Rosa- You can try Marco.
Marco bent down to pick up the rock but complained that it was too heavy as well.
Rosa- So how can you pick up the rock?
Marco- (Picked up a stick sitting in the soil) I want to push the rock. (He propped the stick against the rock and tried to push it) Marco demonstrated good problem solving skills; perhaps he witnessed an adult using this type of leverage to move a heavy object.
Rosa- Can you push it?
Marco- The rock is too big, the stick will break.
Rosa- So how can you pick up the rock?
Marco- My daddy can pick it up he’s strong

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  1. Wow, look what happens when Marco stumbles upon something as small as a rock, the possibilities are endless. Great experience.