Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Spider's Garden

Children have vivid imaginations and they often engage in telling fantastical tales. But how often do those stories come to life?

This group of JK students created an imaginary place of tiny munchkins and giant spiders.
Once upon a time there were some little munchkins that went for a walk in the forest. They had fun walking with their friends, swinging from the tree branches and looking at nature. When they walked down the path they ran into a huge spider and it tried to catch them so he could eat them.
They screamed and tried to run away but one Munchkin got caught in the spider's web because it was blocking the pathway.


  1. The pictures are so beautiful. From Michaela at Reggio 1.

  2. I saw these amazing pictures as if the fairy tales appear in the true-life!!What a great work!!

  3. So great that the teachers yet again supported the children's story and gave the children the opportunity to role play what they were imagining, they made their very own illustrations. This made the story complete.~Sabrina