Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Spider's Garden Continues

She ran down and they all quickly ran into the garden full of beautiful flowers. Then they saw a huge caterpillar with a pattern on its body. The caterpillar said, "Welcome to our beautiful garden!"
Just then the spider came into the garden and the caterpillar said, "Jump on!"
The Munchkins jumped onto the caterpillar and it moved very fast.
It took them into a part of the garden that had lots of green plants and flowers. The caterpillar said, "Quick hide."
Some Munchkins wrapped themselves in leaves and another one climbed into a butterfly chrysalis. The caterpillar said, "Stay still until the spider leaves."

Finally when the spider left, the Munchkins came out of their hiding places. Slowly the chrysalis began to open and one Munchkin emerged as a beautiful butterfly. "Wow this is really a magical garden," she said.

The Munchkins decided that their day had been very busy and that it was time to go home but the butterfly Munchkin said, "I'm going to stay here and live in the magical garden."
All the other Munchkins waved goodbye and promised to visit often.

The end!


  1. What a beautiful story I would love this to be turned into a Reggio Kids production where it can travel to different daycares. Great Job

  2. Yet again, it is so great that the teachers supported their story and together they made real life illustartions. I am amazed at how wonderful the story and pictures are.~Sabrina