Monday, August 22, 2011

The Badland and Black Butterflies

In early May we began our Spring Planting. The children were asked what types of flowers and plants they would like to grow.
This simple question inspired the children’s imagination and led to the following story.

We should plant flowers. Magical flowers for a magical butterfly garden where fairies live. There is a rainbow fairy, a heart fairy and a flower fairy. They are there for the princess. The butterfly garden is a good place.
It's a magical land. There are three paths. The fairies show the princess the sparkly path to the butterfly garden. The other paths lead to the Bad Lands. The fairies help the princess with their magic wands. The flower fairy has flower magic, the rainbow fairy has rainbow magic, and the heart fairy has magic hearts. They use their wands to sprinkle sparkles that show the princess the safe path.
The wrong path will lead to the Prickly Bushes Bad Lands. They will snap the princess and trap her in the Bad Lands for a very long time. One of the Bad Lands has prickly bushes and crazy vines. A dragon lives there. He has fiery breath.
The other land is the Black Land. It is The Evil Land. Black butterflies and dragonflies live there. There are black flowers. The path is tricky. It has butterflies stones with sparkles, but they are black. If the princess takes it she will go to the black scary land. This land is like a jungle and the princess can’t see a thing because it’s dark and spooky.

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  1. What a great representation and a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.