Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe- A Rythme through the Ages

Here it is!
That timeless rhyme that we chanted in our childhoods to select that one lucky person who would be "IT".
Whether it was tag or hide and seek, you can rest assured that most of us closed our eyes and prayed that we wouldn't be the one left behind to look for our friends or chase them wildly around the park.
Life is constantly changing but there are "things" that remain timeless, and break through the boundaries of culture and country.  In fact last month, I observed a group of children in Italy use this rhyme to select the child who would be the first to climb a tree.
So how did it happen? How did one rhyme that dates back to 1820 travel the world: before computers and the internet were even a thought?
In this we can turn to traditional forms of print. To those beautiful bound papers that are too often forgotten in a world of technology. And of course let us not forget the process of migration. People may move to new countries but they always keep their traditions close to their hearts.

So for now I say,"You're IT!"

Evereyone offers their foot.
The process of elimination begins.
The last two!
The last man standing-Is he happy to be "IT"?

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  1. Tiziana this is my favorite experience that you have ever posted,as a child when we had to pick a person to be "IT" we did "EENEY MEENEY MINEY MOE". After reading your latest post my childhood memories came rushing back and so did the tears. I want to commend the teacher for capturing this moment to me it's a memory I will never forget. Thank You