Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Fall In The Water!

Leo noticed a long stick resting on the wall and asked if he could use it to make a bridge.  Jack assisted him by creating one side of the base (using 5 tree cookies). Meanwhile Leo and Charlotte stacked six cookies on the opposite side. Jack placed the stick on top of the two bases.
Teacher- What is happening to the bridge?
Leo- It’s falling. It’s falling, the people will fall into the water.
Teacher- Do you know why the people will fall in the water?
Leo- It’s not even.
Jack- It has to be the same on both sides so the people won’t fall off. ( A lesson in symmetrical building)
Leo- We need a railing.
Teacher- Why do we need a railing?
Leo- If the people don’t have anything to hold onto the people will fall off the bridge.
Teacher- So what do you suggest we do about that?
Jack- We need to make a railing so the people don’t fall into the water.


  1. This is such a wonderful example of a child directed project. So many times, parents say, What are you doing? What is the project? In my experience, these spontaneous projects- which might just last one day, are very powerful.
    Lovely post.

  2. I LOVE your use of nature in the classroom! Thanks for writing such a beautiful blog and posting such inspirational photos. We are a Reggio inspired school with a constructivist approach to learning, so your ideas will be a hit with our teachers!

    Feel free to visit if you are interested in nature and the Outdoor Classroom!

  3. Dear Kristin and Marla,

    Thank you and I hope you continue to visit our site!

  4. Very impressive example.This is a good step for preschooler to develop their problem solving skill and it is path to develop their logical thinking.