Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Just a Broken Tree!

The all green tree.

The funny tree;half green and half colorful.

The totally changed tree!

The broken tree!

During our morning nature walk the children noticed an abundance of colourful trees.

Sofia- This tree is all green but the other ones are colourful.

Then Karina noticed a tree that was half green and half yellow and orange.

Karina- This is a funny tree!

Teacher- Why is it funny?

Karina- It has different colors on it because it is autumn now!

As we walked further along the path Jack noticed a tree with leaves that had completely changed. 

Jack- The leaves will fall off the tree soon because they are different colors and winter is coming!

Leo stumbled upon a tree that had no leaves.

Leo- This tree is broken!

Teacher- Why do you think this tree is broken?

Leo- The wind made the leaves fall to the ground so the tree is broken.


  1. "The funny tree" reflects how obseervant the child must be; colour of the leaves begins to change from the top of the tree! It's always a great pleasure to see children's thinking from their creative works. I think the teacher did a great job by allowing an opportunity for the children to extend their findings into play. This seems like REAL learning!

  2. Nature had endowed children with wonderful opportunities to explore and learn how the season change and different weathers from different seasons. We must actively encourage and support children to explore more different things from nature.

  3. This activity seems like so much fun. Just a little walk in the neigbourhood can bring new dicoveries. They were able to see the beautiful coulours of autumn and make new theories. A tree without leaves is not complete, therefore it is now a broken tree.~Sabrina