Friday, December 2, 2011

Obituary for Childhood

Childhood was born at the beginning of time. He came into a world that promised him that he could run and play, discover and explore, think, investigate, and enjoy all the splendours that life had to offer. And for centuries the promise was kept. But all things change. And as time passed Childhood was plagued with Disease, Famine, Stife and Politics. Of all of these Politics did the worst damage to the soul of Childhood bringing him to the brink of extinction.
Politics, in all his glory and righteousness said, "I will send you to school and make you perfect. You will learn to sit in rows, be seen but not heard. You will stop your silly play and learn to read and write as soon as you can speak. You will walk with your eyes to the ground. You will not question the why and how of things simply accept the because. Zip your coats, see to your own needs, do not be concerned with napping, warm hugs, clean and dry clothes. Do not look to your teachers for comfort. Walk alone, eat in silence."

And Politics was cunning. He assured the Parents of Childhood that the classroom would be filled with riches.
It was never so. And as the years passed Childhood bore the burden of the seeds sown by Politics. His shoulders bent and his soul darkened and eventually he died.

Thank you Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario for the wonderful Full Time Kindergarten you have given the children of Ontario. What will your legacy be to them? I am relieved that my children are done with the school system. The full day kindergarten that has been forced upon them is a travesty.
Thank you to the teachers and administrators who have welcomed me into their schools so I could see for myself that, as expected, nothing of what Mr. McGuinty promised to implement is in place.
 For example, where are the large wooden blocks that we see on the Full Day learning commercial Not one of the 30 classrooms that I visited had blocks or toys for that matter.
So what do the children do all day?
Oh yes, they color photocopied apples.
No wonder Childhood withered and died!
You should have left him in the hands of Early Childhood Educators.
 Mr. McGuinty, why did you use Childhood to gain votes from unsuspecting Parents making them think that school is better for young children than preschool.
Parents still have a choice. Hopefully they will make the right one.
To those exceptional kindergarten teachers who are making a difference, this post is not for you!


  1. Tiziana, you have once again captured the essence of childhood. So many, have rushed our children to become mini adults, and whine and complain when they do not comply. Lets all go back to the days of milk and cookies for snack when snack was an actual treasured part of the day! As always a pleasure to read your work, please keep sharing!!!

  2. Tiziana, I second your blog and I agree with what you said, Dalton McGuinty should be ashamed I recently visited my son's former kindegarden class and where are those beautiful blocks on the commercial. I know where the money for those blocks are in your pocket. Shame, shame shame.

  3. We couldn't be happier with our decision to enthrust Angelina in the best hands: the loving hands of Reggio teachers. Reggio Kids is her childhood and one that allows her to thrive and blossom to be a wonderful child she is...
    I really hope other parents are as fortunate as we are..

  4. I agree that there has been a rush to acedemics that has sucked the joy out of kindergarten (and even older grades). And I agree that the Full Day kindergarten was just a political ploy for Dalton McGuinty to look like a hero....But, I teach kindergarten and my students spend their days playing! We have large wooden blocks...along with a large dramatic play centre, puppets, a sand box, a variety of art materials that students choose to use for their own works of art, and lots of other wonderful things. My students don't rotate through centres and colour photocopied pages. They make their own choices about where to play and what to do. I spend most of my time watching, listening, and questioning/extending. I'm not saying that there aren't kindergarten classrooms like the ones described, but we're not all like that!

  5. Thank you for your contributions to this article-I agree not all kindergarten classes are the same and there are teachers who are making a difference-sow a tiny seed and watch it bloom!