Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There are Magic Slides Carrying our Letters to Santa’s House!

After the trip to the post office, the teacher asked Henry: “How will our letters reach Santa?”

Henry sketched his theory:
“There’s a magic slide underneath the mailbox that can carry our letters all the way to the North Pole. So there are lots of magic slides because Santa gets mail from children all over the world. Sometimes when the slide is broken, the reindeer will carry the letters back to Santa. “


  1. I asked two children about the same questions,"Do you think where Santa is from?" One junior preschooler said," I think he will come through my chimney at night." One senior preschooler said,"I don't think Santa is in the world. But when you think Santa is here, then Santa will come to us." Children have different ways of thinking, so supporting children to go into deeper perception is so important in our job. Using the third teacher--environment , teachers created Christmas environment to support children to present their concepts is what I have learned and seen through our Reggio Kids classrooms.

  2. If only the world would worked on our imaginations! It would be a more interesting place to live.

  3. The picture of how the mail will get to Santa is beautifully drawn clearly illustrating the child's imagination.