Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lending a Helping Hands to the Squirrels!

It's been a long, cold winter. Even, these little creatures have been hard pressed to find food under the thick coating of ice that was left behind in December. Thanks to the tasty bread, supplied by Euro Harvest Bakery in Woodbridge Ontario

many of our bushy tailed friends have not gone hungry.
In fact, they wait by the playground door, gracefully accepting our humble offerings, each and every morning!
What a perfect way for young children to learn to care for God's creatures.

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  1. I always love seeing the scenes your children create using little loose parts. I wonder if you could share a bit more about how they come to that? How do they become a material for representation, rather than for collecting, hoarding, or play food (not that those things are bad, I just wonder how it becomes this instead). Is this a part of the culture in your classroom? Is it a specific child? Do you guide them in this direction?

    And that squirrel painting is amazing. Did she have adult support, or was that her own creation?

    Thanks for any details you can share.