Wednesday, March 12, 2014

STEM in the Early Years

As teachers we consider STEM ( science, technology, engineering and math) as one of the areas that brings about the highest level of thinking, and problem solving.  Most of all it nurtures the disposition to inquire and to make sense of the mechanics of life.
There is no doubt that children are engineers; constantly modifying the world to satisfy their curiosities. In consideration of this, then our task is to create environments that facilitate opportunities to test their thinking.

Let us consider Aidan and Marco, whose fascination with the Star Wars light saber, led to the making of this intricate Electric Machine.
If I had to say that we were surprised by how much Aidan already knew about electricity, it would be a lie. Aidan has been with us since he was a toddler. Now at the age of six, he is a master of theories.
Water is a conductor of electricity.
We must be careful not to place electrical components into water.
Electricity makes things work.
Electricity comes from a source such as batteries, wind and sockets.
Wires are needed somewhere along the source.

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