Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Begin at the Beginning!

Where do you begin?
Naturally you must begin at the beginning!
You have a new group of preschoolers or kindergarten children, your environment is ready, the room is full of loose materials, provocations....
The children arrive and chaos erupts.
Your materials are everywhere. Dumped, disposed, and disheveled best describe your classroom.
And you wonder how and why this happened.
Aren't the children supposed to know how?
Did you?
Extraordinary work, must be supported by solid foundations. Begin slowly, introduce your hundred languages, one at a time. Children like artists needs skills to create masterpieces.

After 15 years of this work, we now find ourselves back to basics, as we have lost most of our proficient  ECE teachers to school board full day kindergarten.
It is somewhat discouraging to have to begin anew, teaching teachers to work in the "Reggio Inspired" way but we forge ahead committed to the process.
Rome was not build in one day!

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