Monday, September 29, 2014

Interesting Patterns!

When you look at this child's work you know she understands simple patters. However, there is a great deal of complexity in her work. She first stacked the large spool to make two three tier to towers. She then began to place the smaller spools around the base of each large spool in one of her towers. Then each small spool welcomed one wooden stick. Those that didn't fit were tossed over her shoulder (which was quite funny. The teacher asked her to drop them into a bucket instead) Once the first tower was complete she proceeded to work on the second tower, this time using translucent cups. Each cup welcomed one wooden disc or plastic button topped off with one mosaic tile. A total of two hours of work. She also had to figure out how to reach the top towers. She asked that a stool be placed on top of the table!

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