Thursday, June 2, 2016

Five Partners In The Journey of Learning

There are five partners in the journey of learning; teachers, peers, the environment, families and the community.
On any given day, during the exploration of a topic or experience, four of them, teachers, peers, families and communities work at different levels of involvement. The environment (indoor and out), however, is prevalent at all times.
It is the master; the living space that will inspire the children to navigate through their thinking, doing and being.
I call it a living space because it should be in a constant state of change. It must respond to the needs of the group and adapt itself to their preferences. For example some school years, there may be a higher need for  space for blocks, a larger area for loose parts, an expanded area for clay, more outdoor possibilities.
Whatever the case may be, the environment should be fluid. It can never be static.

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