Friday, June 17, 2016

We Begin with Drawings

There are many ways for children to represent their thinking, tell us their stories and share their ideas.
Our children find great joy in giving their drawings dimension using loose materials.


  1. Thank you! I have wondered....looking at your children's loose-parts creations, how they happened. My kids don't create pictures with loose parts. I'd love to hear more about your process...

    1. The children at the preschool don't either. but when i went to a Loose Parts workshop they said you need to put them out for a bit so the children can "make friends with the materials.

  2. The drawings are transfered onto plexiglass sometimes using transpacy sheets or the children draw them anew-they then select the loose materials they want - they are applied using a waste and glue solution-this allows us to reuse the Materials at a later date- these girls worked over a light table- one of my favourite pieces !