Thursday, July 8, 2010

Logical Thinking

We observed Joshua at work at what first appeared to be the simple task of filling the leaves with stones. However, Joshua showed us that his experience was packed with learning.

Joshua covered different size leaves with natural stones.
He tried to count the stones on his two leaves to find out which one had the most, but he could not get a correct number because” the stones were everywhere on the leaf”, so he then decided that if he lined them up, it would be easier to count them.

After placing the stones in two lines and counting 16 for the first leaf and 13 for the second leaf, he commented, “This is bigger!” pointing to the leaf that had the most stones.

Joshua surmised that the larger leaf was able to hold the greater number of stones therefore it was definitely the biggest leaf.

1 comment:

  1. Great activity for math and cognitive thinking. He was able to identify which leaf was of a bigger size, of course the one that was able to hold the most stones. Problem Solved!~Sabrina