Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Stream

The melting snow from the winter season left behind a slushy mess but not to worry it was a perfect opportunity for Nicholas to work on his engineering skills.
Nicholas discovered a “lake” in the middle of the playground. It’s very design fascinated him because it had a small “island” in the middle. Two small streams branched out at the edge of the “lake.” “We need a bridge here,” said Nicholas.

“What will the bridge be for?” asked the teacher.

“So I can get to the other side,” he replied.
Nicholas found two branches and bridged them across the opening of the two streams. He walked across.

“My bridge is sturdy!” he declared triumphantly.

He then walked along the length of one of the streams. Looking at the water he said, “I want to stop the water.”

“What will you use?” asked the teacher.

He found a few leaves. “These,” he answered.

Nicholas placed them into the water but the depth proved to be too much for the small leaves as they swirled about and sunk to the bottom. He reconsidered his intent and pulled them out of the water taking them to where the stream hit the snow bank.
“Nothing is happening,” he said as he watched the water push against the snow.

It was time for a new plan. He returned to his bridge and removed the larger stick. “I’m going to make the stream longer!” he declared.

Chipping away at the snow he elongated the path for the water until it hit the edge of the garden bed. “Look,” he cried, “the water is following me.”


  1. I remember doing this as a child!

  2. Very impressive. I can't believe children can do this amazing work. He discovered and attempted to find solutions to solve problems. I awaken to the realization that environment is a good teacher.

  3. Wow, it's amazing what children are capable of doing! Great work!~Sabrina