Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are Children of the World

We all Sing in One Voice

When do young children become aware of others?
Do they understand that the world is vast and there are children everywhere? Do those children laugh and play? Do they have toys, go to school, eat drink and sleep?

At the age of four children do begin to understand "otherness" as they move out of their egocentric worlds and begin to build relationships, form community bonds and sing in one strong voice!
A community project led to the design of this beautiful painting.
What is Community?

Coming from the Latin term meaning “with gifts”, the term suggests a general sense of humanity,
reciprocity and a shared practice of doing good for other that comes from working together for a joint purpose.
“Communities help generate a shared language,
rituals and customs, and a collective memory of those that join the group.”

If we give credence to the old African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child” then we can understand the impact that community has in
helping us raise our children.
Children need more that just supportive parents. As they branch outside the home they require a larger network to grow into healthy citizens.
It is a child’s right to expect the community to provide them with safe neighbourhoods, adults who are good role models and dedicated teachers and politicians who keep children's rights at the forefront.
When children feel a connectivity to their
community they are more apt to develop a sense of civic and social responsibility. They build trust, learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and have a genuine sense of caring for others.
As a community of schools within the larger
community of Richmond Hill, we work together to
create a rich context of experiences that define us and support our children to grow into responsible citizens.

The Mural (As dictated by the children)

The alphabet blocks represent children playing, reading and writing-in all languages.

The musical symbols are children singing all over the world;singing in different languages but with one voice.

The butterflies are beautiful creatures that make children happy no matter where they live they can find butterflies.

The flowers smell nice and children around the world want to smell nice flowers and feel happy. Flowers are also beautiful gifts for others.

The red hearts symbolize life and love.

The blue ocean is the color of water. water is the gift of life and a source of energy.

The light blue background helps all children to see clearly so they can find their way home.

The children are holding hands around the earth to protect it from bad things. The are joined in friendship and happiness.


  1. This blog reminded me of a time when I went to the nail salon and there were two girls getting their nails painted. they had painted them blue with silver designs and sparkles. The girls were so excited to show their mom. When their mom came to pick them up the girls eagerly jumped up to show her and their mom said to them well why did you do it in blue pink is more girly.

    I wanted to say something to the girls let them know everyone is different and likes different things and just because you wear pink doesnt make you anymore of a girl than if you were to wear blue.

    People today are too wound up in the media and it would be nice if people took the time to really get to know one another and learn who the person really is not what society tells them they should be.

    1. I agree with you. My favorite color is blue and has been since I can remember. People have told me that I should like more girly colors such as pink and purple, but it's just not me. I like what I like. Just because I do not like pink it doesn't mean that I am any less of a girl. It just means that I am different. I think differently than most people and that is okay. If people started accepting those differences, instead of trying to change them, then the world would be a better and more accepting place.

      It is up to people like us to tell others this. It is our place to show them that society doesn't and shouldn't place us into categories based on the things we like or dislike. If we want to be categorized, then we should categorize ourselves. It is not someone else's job to tell me what or who I am.

      Next time, do not be afraid to speak your mind. People may not like it, but that is life. The word will never get out if people do not stand up and speak their minds.