Friday, September 24, 2010

A Game of Peek a Boo

"Where did Nicholas go?" wonders Marco.

A simple game of peek a boo is filled with learning for infants. In the first few months of life an infant is concered with what is before his eyes. As soon as something or someone
is out

of eyesight he forgets about it. Gradually that changes and the infant's world begins to expand beyond his senses. He begins to imagine people and objects even when they are not present-object permanence.
This is a key development in intellectual growth and emotional development.
"As soon as a baby is able of conjuring an image of a person or object in his mind, he is also capable of cognitive thought; remembering, imagining, deductive reasoning and planning."
When an infant develops object permanence he can recall images and take actions based on his recollections.

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  1. Nikolas still loves playing 'peek a boo' with the other chilren in the toddler classroom. He goes under the lego table then pops back up when another child is on the opposite side. We have now moved on to him playing 'peek a boo' with the wooden arched blocks. We make a long tunnel and he looks through it to see what is on the other side, most of the time this turns into a game of 'peek a boo' with another friend or teacher.