Sunday, September 26, 2010

Children find Learning Opportunities in All Things

This group of girls decided to make a representation of a snow man using loose materials. When they were done they unanimously agreed that he was a "Big" snowman.
The question was which girl was as big as him?
Two of the four girls insisted they were as big as him while the other two remained neutral in the discussion.
How would they solve this debate?
They agreed to lay down beside the snowman to see if they were as big as him. However that did not satisfy the two girls since they could not see themselves in comparison to the snowman if they were laying next to him.
One of the "neutral girls" offered a suggestion.
"Lay down here and we will trace you with the stones so you can see!"
Certainly this was an excellent suggestion and the girls began their work.
When they were done the two girls in question stood up and studied their outlines in comparison to the snowman.
"Look, I'm bigger," announced Angelina.
"Yes, you are bigger," agreed her classmate.

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