Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The are many ways to weigh a Pumpkin!

During morning assembly, we discussed the weight of the pumpkins collected on our field trip. The children were using the terms heavy and light to describe the weight of the pumpkins. Based on their size, they sorted the pumpkins from heaviest to lightest with the biggest being the heaviest and the smallest being the lightest. Next, we wanted to compare the weight of the pumpkin to other objects in the classroom such as rocks, blocks and even their own bodies.
The children were able to use a standard scale for the smallest pumpkin but faced a challenge when it came to the larger one. Arash suggested constructing a scale using the large unit blocks. His classmates quickly took to the challenge. The pictures tell the story of the outcome of their work.

1 comment:

  1. The children really enjoyed building their own scale using blocks to measure the weight of the large pumpkin. They played an interactive part where they were able to compare their own weight to the weight of the pumpkin. This activity was such an enjoyable one for both the students and the teachers!